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Hockey's Hardest Hitting Book: Larry Clay's Insider Account of the NHL

Are you a die-hard hockey fan looking for an insider's perspective on the National Hockey League (NHL)? If so, you won't want to miss Larry Clay's new book, "Behind the Orange Curtain: Stories about the Philadelphia Flyers and the National Hockey League." This book offers a revealing look at one of the NHL's premier teams, the Philadelphia Flyers, and takes readers behind the scenes of the league as a whole.

Clay's extensive experience as a fan, coach, administrator, and hockey equipment retailer gives him a unique perspective on ice hockey. In this book, he shares his personal experiences with the Flyers, as well as his observations about the NHL's management, ownership, and player safety. Clay's blunt and direct writing style makes for a compelling read, with each chapter telling a different story that sheds light on the harsh realities of professional hockey.

"Behind the Orange Curtain" is more than just a personal memoir. It's a comprehensive account of Clay's experiences with the Flyers and his in-depth analysis of the NHL. Readers will discover shocking truths about the league, including the author's battle with Flyers former management, how the ownership cost the franchise and fans a dynasty, and the horrifying truth about the NHL and the NHLPA regarding player safety. Clay also discusses past and present misinformation from various sources and organizations concerning the state of ice hockey.

One of the things that set "Behind the Orange Curtain" apart from other books about the NHL is Clay's willingness to tackle difficult subjects head-on. For example, he discusses the NHL's role in covering up a major scandal that rocked the sport. He also critically examines the league's policies around player safety, arguing that the NHL and the NHLPA don't do enough to protect players from serious injuries.

At the same time, Clay doesn't shy away from celebrating the best parts of the sport. He deeply appreciates hockey's physicality and skill, and his stories about the Flyers showcase some of the most exciting moments in the team's history. Whether you're a fan of the Broad Street Bullies or just love watching great hockey, there's plenty to enjoy in "Behind the Orange Curtain."

If you're a serious or casual fan of the sport, "Behind the Orange Curtain" is a must-read. You'll gain a new perspective on the game, and you'll never look at professional ice hockey the same way again. Whether you're a Flyers fan or just interested in learning more about the NHL, this book is an engaging and informative read.

Finally, it's worth noting that "Behind the Orange Curtain" is more than just a book for hockey fans. It's also a powerful story about one person's relationship with a sport that has played a major role in his life. Clay's passion for hockey shines through on every page, and his memoir is an inspiring reminder of the joys and challenges that come with following your dreams. So whether you're a fan of hockey or simply looking for a compelling memoir, "Behind the Orange Curtain" is a book that's well worth reading. #BehindTheOrangeCurtain #LarryClay #FlyersFan #NHLInsights #HockeyMemoir #PlayerSafety #NHLScandal #BroadStreetBullies #HockeyPassion #IceHockeyRealities

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