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"A candid and insightful memoir of the author's dealings with Philadelphia Flyers players and organization that presents a provocative portrayal of his experiences...  He author shares more than his experiences with Flyers personnel, offering personal stories of his hockey fanhood, opinions, observations and rants, as well as praise for the NHL where he feels it is deserved. This book is a very good read of a hockey man's life long involvement with the game that most amateur players and fans can relate to..."

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"For Flyers and hockey fans alike, Clay's book is a surprising, engaging and unforgettable expose of the Flyers organization's less than stellar undertakings and legacy."

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"This book provides insight into many key events in the history of the Philadelphia Flyers NHL franchise. Not only an entertaining read, it also raises important questions surrounding the sport of hockey, including safety concerns for the players and the pros/cons of changes to rules and formats.
It is gutsy and illustrates how our sports heroes (along with team execs and underlings) can be flawed and not held accountable for their actions, i.e. given “celebrity privileges.”
I highly recommend this book if you enjoy the sport of hockey, especially the team in orange. The author Clay does not “sugarcoat” his storytelling, that’s for sure!"

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